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7 April, 2016



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Engage in a battle of wits with Atriage, a turn-based strategy game crafted in the spirit of classic board games. Inspired by Sci-fi space naval battles in 80s Anime, command a fleet of ten warships against a rival commander in an all-out battle for supremacy. Outwit your opponent by mastering four different ship classes, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and roles in combat. Execute your strategy on a randomly generated playfield, opening new possible tactics every time you play. Take advantage of variations in your ship’s endurance parameters to withstand your rival’s onslaught, but watch out, if your battle strength reaches zero, it’s Game Over.


On July 2014, the Dev Team known as Batú Games reformed after being on hiatus for several months with the goal of approaching game development with a new direction and ambitions to become incorporated into a fully-fledged video game company in Puerto Rico. During that time, we pondered about what our big debut PC title would be and how to get the ball rolling with our new workflow. After the team brainstormed for the right approach, Roberto Feliu Maldonado, currently our Vice President, proposed a promising plan to enter the PC market with an exciting new strategy board game, formerly known as, Project Flag. At first, we had a lot of setbacks when we encountered new challenges while working on the advanced AI, working with Network infrastructure, and trying to narrow down the right aesthetics for the game. Initially, Project Flag had a mythological theme and would be played in a temple with actual game pieces, but designs never made it out of the concept stage, and a lot of our work during this phase never got used. Nevertheless, we pushed on, and kept reworking the game and polished its core gameplay until we finally crafted Atriage. With an entirely new direction, we conceived the idea of converting our former game pieces into warships waging battles in classic Sci-fi Space Opera fashion. The name Atriage was coined by merging the words “Attrition” and “Triage”, which perfectly describes the heavily strategic focus of the game by managing units in challenging risk-reward scenarios. A year and a half after its initial conception, Atriage is finally ready to see the light of day, and provide a captivating experience to strategy and table top enthusiasts alike.


  • Intense tactical fleet combat where you must strategize within an octagonal-shaped playfield rendered across six different beautiful space backgrounds sporting randomly generated obstacles for endless variations of play.
  • Dominate the playfield with four versatile, fully animated space warship classes, each with their own sets of unique attacks, movement patterns, detailed textures, and customizable colors.
  • Master your fleet by taking on rival commanders in Offline Mode, featuring three distinct AI settings for players of different skill levels.
  • Challenge your friends across the web with Online Mode and find out who’s the more skilled commander. Featuring a fully implemented lobby and chat services for an engaging online experience.
  • Test your prowess with Challenge Mode, featuring nine compelling puzzles and game variations only skilled tacticians can master.
  • Rise above the ranks as you gain experience from every battle on any mode of play. Level up across 51 military ranks and show the world your prestige in the game of Atriage!


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Gameplay Commentary YouTube

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About Batú Games LLC

Batú Games LLC is a Game Development Company based in Puerto Rico. We develop games for a variety of platforms, mainly mobile and PC. We hope to create innovative and interesting games that will serve as great experiences for our customers.

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Atriage Credits

Roberto A. Feliú
Main Programmer, Main Designer

Daniel A. Sierra
Concept Artist, Modeler, AI Programmer

Carlo I. Rodriguez
Online Programmer, AI Programmer

Gabriel E. Casillas
Programmer, UI Artist, Video Editor

Robert Lozada
Ship Textures

Raymond M. Maldonado
Music, Composer

Camila I. Perez

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